Stem Cell Hair Transplant Huntsville Alabama

For generations people suffering from hair loss have utilized a variety of hair loss techniques: creams, sprays, implants, powder, pills. Some have worked to a certain extent, while others lack any meaningful effect at all.stem cell hair therapy

It can be difficult for hair follicles to come back after they have been dieing for a long time.

If you are someone suffering from extreme hair loss and would like to prevent pain and the excessive routine of hair transplant, stem cell hair therapy is the best solution. At Steve Latham Hair transplant clinic in Huntsville, Alabama you can have stem cell hair transplant done on your lunch break - it is that quick and easy. Before and after pictures of stem cell hair transplant done at the clinic shows dramatic results within one month period.

Present hair transplant procedures take live hair follicles from the most hairy section of the head and transplant them into the bald area. This could be slow and sometimes not totally rewarding. With stem cell hair therapy Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is obtain from the patient blood and transfer into the bald area of the head, stimulating growth and slowing down hair follicle retardation.

The stem cell hair procedure is non-invasive and patients are loving the easy way to growth hair without the pain, prolong time and transplant of hair from one area of the head unto another.

Stem Latham serves people suffering from hair loss in the Huntsville Metro, North Alabama corridor (Decatur, Florence, Madison, Scottsboro) area. Patients also come from as far away as Hawaii, California, Tennessee for stem cell hair treatment at the Clinic.

The reasonable cost for a PRP treatment far outweights the risk of not having it done. With stem cell PRP treatment you will regrow your own hair and regain your youthfull look again. No longer feel demoralizing because of the substantial amount of hair you have lost. Call for a free consultation and a price that is cheaper than Bosley and other hair transplant clinics