Innovative Therapy for Hair Loss in Georgia

British Journal of Dermatology today, revealed that injecting persons with their own blood is the best option in treating common types of hair loss. This was the conclusion of several studies made by the Hebrew University Medical Center in Israel, International Hair Research Foundation and the University of Brescia in Italy. These related researches emphasized the role played by platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) in treating alopecia areata, a common type of hair loss.

The experiment

Forty-five patients were used as subjects. They were injected with PRP and TrA, a triamcinolone acetonide that is a placebo directly injected to the bald patches on just half of their head. Bald patches on the other side were injected with distilled water. Each patient was given a total of 3 treatments once a month. Subsequent hair growth was evaluated by dermatologists who made their assessment by quantifying the area where new hairs grew on the bald scalp. The researchers also looked for specific defective hairs that are common characteristic of alopecia areata. Also examined was the accompanying burning or itching symptoms of alopecia areata.


Three distinguished dermatologists assessed the result and they observed that hair grow on bald area where TrA and PRP were injected. It was significant to note that no hair grew on spot injected with water. This is certainly good news for sufferers of alopecia resulting from chemotherapy.

Dr. Steve Latham of Stem Cell Hair Clinic said that since PRP is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, it gives positive therapeutic effects on patients suffering hair loss from chemotherapy. PRP is a sure therapy for alopecia areata and shows better result than triamcinolone acetonide that was used in treating alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata

A common cause of hair loss that victimizes 2% of the population, this hair disorders appears as small, coin-sized, round patches of baldness on the scalp, although it also affects other hairs of the body. This happens when the

Person’s immune system rejects the hair and does not recognize ownership of the hair follicles but regards them as foreign. But it is only a temporary condition as hair growth is resumed over a period of months or sometimes years.

British Association of Dermatologists said that alopecia has an overwhelming negative effect on the patient's quality of life and self-esteem. With the new findings, thousands of patients who struggle with their hair loss have found their remedy.

In the new procedure, the person is injected by his/her own blood after the the plasma is separated from the red blood cells so a high concentrated platelets are added.