Latest Hair Transplant For Hair Loss in Hawaii

Losing hair every day is normal to every person. This occurs when  your hair gets wet during bath or after  bath when drying your hair or when  giving it a good look with brush. The hair loss being experienced is about fifty to one hundred hair follicles a day on the average. Losing hair is but part of the hair growing cycle. Even if you lose some it can be replaced by a new one soon enough. Hair loss is not only experienced by men but women as well.

One of the culprit of hair loss in women is telogen effluvium or the shedding of the hair, an abnormal happening after pregnancy, a major surgery, a drastic weight reduction to be able to regain a nice figure and if she suffered severe stress. Excessive shampooing, tight styling and too much brushing of the hair can also lead to hair loss in women.

Taking certain medications like antidepressant, beta blockers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may have also its side efects that may lead to hair loss. When telogen effluvium strikes anyone, the hair changes faster than the usual process of passing from its growing phase into the resting phase and finally into the shedding phase.

Women affected by telogen effluvium usually have to notice such hair loss six weeks to three months thereafter a stressful incident. Worst, she may lose a large amount of hair at the height of the growth process.

In the treatment of telogen effluvium, necessary tests are needed. The doctors may however ask the patient questions what she has experinced in life lately. Then, he may proceed to search for a small "club-shape" bulbs on the roots of the fallen hair. This bulb signifies that the hair has completely gone through its cycle of growth and shedding may have been accelerated because of the stress.

In cases like pregnancy or major surgery, the affected one may have to wait for a time for the hair loss to slacken. In case medication is the cause of the hair loss, you need to talk to your doctor to decrease the dosage or change the prescription. Stress-related hair loss can be remedied by keeping relax and lessening the anxiety. Taking Biotin may also help speed up the process of hair growth. If the problem keeps on degenerating, your best alternative is to consider having a platelet-rich plasma therapy to put a stop to hair loss and, in time, prevent baldness.

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