Fight Against Hair Loss/Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy in Idaho

Everyone needs only the best out of their hair - a good look that others usually admire. To maintain this good looks, women who are in a hurry have to have their own favorite hairstyle such as braids, ponytails and pigtails. Unknowingly, with these kinds of styles, the hair is pulled tightly and remained for a prolonged period and repeated all over again. Others even use extenders to add volume and lenght to their hairs thus pulling the hair roots and strain them.

Use of harsh shampoo and conditioners can also led to dandruff, imflammation  and redness of the scalp that, in turn, can cause pain and itchiness on the affected areas on the scalp. In an effort to stop the irritation, there is that great tendency to keep on scraching the scalp thereby worsening the condition and result in the damage of the scalp and hair follicles as well.

Men are even more prone to hair loss than women. Those who may have inherited baldness from their parents may experience excessive and fast loss of hair initially on the top of the head and a receding hairline along the temples. This genetic-causing hair loss in men termed androgenic alopecia can also be exacerbated by too much stress and other medical issues.

At the early sign of hair loss in women caused by the excessive pull of the hair, they must put a stop to this unwanted practice of styling their hair with too much pull. Although hair loss of such kind can be temporary but when abusively continued may mean scarring the hair follicles and a permanent hair loss. They must adjust their hair styling method to the kind that does not harm the hair roots and follicles. Putting too much strain on the hair would overtime weaken the hair follicles and produce smaller and finer hairs that may be lost eventually.  For hair loss caused harsh shampoo and conditioneers, the best remedy is simply to shift to another brand.

The same is true for hair loss in men. It is better to treat your hair gently. Do not exert excessive pull especially when washing, brushing and styling your hair. This will ease up the the force exerted on the follicles and allow the hair roots to have enough supply of healthy nutrients. This way also hair growth would be accelerated.

However, if the signs of hair loss seems alarming, you may need to have platelet-rich plasma therapy. This is to add life to the platelet counts that in your scalp that is no longer enough to serve the nutrients needed by the follicles and hair roots to promote healthier growth. This platelets can be drawn from your own blood after the plasma containing it is separated from the other elements leaving now the growth factors to be injected to the scalp to promote hair restoration and regeneration.

This platelet-rich plasma therapy if combined with stem cell therapy  using the cells  extracted from the fat cells of adult patient. The procedure would result in a remarkable success when injected to the hair-loss patient because the power of the stem cells are admittedly the most incredible ability to regenerate the body itself.

For more informations about how to fight all forms of hair loss including hair restoration, you may call Dr. Steve Latham, owner of Stem Cell Hair Clinic, so that, in time, you can save such devastating problem of suffering permanent hair loss.