NeoGraft and PRP in Illinois

NeoGraft Hair Restoration includes PRP as part of its procedure as it is effective in healing grafts in their new location. Researches consistently showed that as additional hair growth is increased, density of the hair becomes thicker. PRP is equivalent to the fertilizer sprayed in your lawn to make plants grow. In the NeoGraft hair restoration procedure, PRP is painlessly injected just under the skin where the new hair grafts are to be placed. This happens prior to the scheduled Hair Transplant. Its presence enhances the graft yield, hair density, and final cosmetic appearance.

PRP is safe

However, PRP Therapy can stand-alone as a procedure for it slows the progress of balding and hair loss. Following the procedure, there is no evidence that anything happened as there is no wounds or any type of scarring. of any sort, and after the procedure there is no trace or zero evidence that a treatment of any kind has been performed. There is no permanent change taking place in the blood site as well.

Who benefits from PRP?

In conjunction with other non-surgical procedures, PRP is more beneficial in the treatment of hair loss. This is just what young men and women need during the early stages of their hair problems. For men under 35, there is a great chance that the rate of hair loss slows down dramatically, there are even some cases when the follicle produces hairs with larger hair shaft diameters, and it appears that the hair has grown back. A combination of NeoGraft and PRP is most effective for hair loss.

How Does PRP Work?

The treatment is done in the Stem Cell Hair Clinic of Dr. Steve Latham. He withdraws a small amount of blood from the patient and places it into a centrifuge that separates the plasma from the red blood cells. Dr. Latham administers local anesthetic to completely numb the scalp area where treatment will be done prior to the PRP procedure. Another option is simply to micro needle the scalp with PRP where no sedation is required.

The effect on the patient differs from person to person depending on the ability of his body to heal. After 2 or 3 months, there are already evident positive effects. The procedure is repeated every 8 to 12 months based on the level of response. Remember that another component of a healthy hair is balanced hormones, proper food and exercise.

For inquiries about this therapy, visit the website of Stem Cell Hair Clinic and get more information about options for hair loss.