Options for Hair Loss Treatment in Indiana

Your hair is the first thing others notice about you and the natural way to declare your identity. Complete and healthy hair on your head is a sign of strength, youth and vigor. For most people, having a full hair gives self-esteem and confidence – without it is disastrous. Dr. Steve Latham and his staff in Stem Cell Hair Clinic will help you face the problem of hair loss. They will talk to you so you will understand your problem and offer the best option for hair recovery. You can schedule an appointment and discover that hair loss does not end your quality of life.

Options for Treating Hair Loss:

1. Surgical are: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) transplants and Follicular Unit Strip (FUS) harvest

2. Non-surgical options include: Medical treatments using Minoxidil or Propecia, Platelet-Rich-Plasma/ACell and Low-level laser therapy

Personal hair loss treatment plan

Many individuals suffering from hair loss are frustrated because they have spent time and money just to regrow their hair. Despite their effort, everything was a failure as not a single strand was recovered. Stem Cell Hair Clinic was established to provide a safe place for successful hair restoration treatment. They are specialists in the Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation and developed their own hair system for minimal replacement of invasive hair. Other adjunctive treatments as medical therapies, Low Level Laser Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma are available plus an A Cell offering. Do your research to determine which clinics offer full-proof hair restoration plan.

Before deciding to patronize one, get positive answers to the following:

  • Does the physician have certification from the Hair Restoration Surgery Board of America?

  • Is the physician a member of the Hair Restoration Surgery International Society?

  • Is the physician a Fellow in the Surgeon of American College?

  • Did you have the opportunity of talking personally with the physician or with his staff?

Reading from the web for answers is inadequate. Just be sure that your surgeon and team of your choice have been duly certified and possess years of practice and experience in hair restoration. Once you do the search, your obvious choice would be Dr. Latham.

Dr. Steve Latham of Stem Cell Hair Clinic has helped lots of people find remedy for their baldness and hair loss, as well as those experiencing hair thinning. He has all the credentials to find you a solution. He and his professional staff provide consultations for patients to understand their condition and to help them decide the best solution. After an invasive hair restoration procedure, you will hardly notice that you once suffered from hair loss.