Best Hair Restoration PRP Therapy in Alabama

Stem Cell Hair Clinic is an experienced center in providing platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy as a therapeutic proactive alternative for treating men and women patients sustaining hair loss. PRP is an innovative non-surgical therapy for those who want to recover lost hair.

Recent scientific research and technology have achieved success in providing medical community new outlook in healing tissues and wounds. PRP is a simple procedure that is performed in the office or clinic of physicians that promises solution to hair, skin and scalp problems.

Why PRP?

Human blood has mesenchymal stem cells and autologous blood products teeming with essential and specific growth factors. These elements are used to assist in healing and regeneration of tissues. Researches conducted in the U.S. and Europe proved the safety and usefulness of the procedure.

For over two decades, PRP has been used for healing the skin and wounds. It has been established as an effective treatment in specialty fields of cosmetic surgery, hormone replacement, chiropractic care,  neurosurgery, oral surgery orthopedics, plastic surgery and sports medicine. Elite athletes have been using the therapy to treat their injuries. Golf icon Tiger Woods admitted that his sports injuries were treated by PRP.

In the hair arena, evidences support that PRP therapy is a viable treatment to conserve hair growth but it is not supposed to take the place of current therapies approved by FDA such as DHT blockers and Minoxidil. Other hair remedies have been successful as a remedy; however, PRP holds a lot of promise as a non-surgical therapeutic option for those patients with hair loss.


The procedure is simple, painless and not time-consuming. Blood of the patient is drawn in the physician’s office just like the usual routine blood testing. Then the extraction is spun in a centrifuge where the plasma is separated from the red blood cells. In the closed sterile system, the platelets are concentrated 3x the normal blood value. The system eliminates granulocytes that are adverse to tissue regeneration and wound healing. An anesthetic is given to the nerves so no soreness will be experienced by the patient. The plasma that is highly concentrated is injected into the scalp. After the patient’s hair is washed, the procedure is done. The patient, without any sedation or medication, is allowed to go home. In case of any pain or soreness, the doctor prescribes medication to the patient.

In a matter of days, he/she will experience positive results of the best hair restoration from Steve Latham Hair Clinic.