Platelet Rich Plasma: Effective Treatment for Hair Loss in Kansas

Hair loss is such an inevitable malady as it happens to individuals even at such a young age. The reason for this is that hair loss can be attributable to a lot of factors like hereditary loss of hair, too much stress and medical issues. A person whose family has that genetic problem of baldness has also that bigger percentage of going bald. Worries that cause stress can be a culprit to an abrupt thinning of hair. Taking prescription medicines to cure an illness may likewise lead on to a loss of hair.

Be that as it may, hair loss affects men and women in many forms. Common is androgenic alopecia that invades the head where you will see loss of hair at the top of the scalp and receding hairlines especially at the forehead. This pattern is also found in women. As what has been mentioned earlier, hair loss can greatly affect your self-confidence. What is worst, a thinning and receding hair for individuals can begin in their twenty's or even younger than that. Though loss of hair may look like infrequent and uncommon conditions in women yet those affected suffers devastatingly.

Through continuous research and subsequent success of stimulating growth of hair in the follicles, platelet-rich plasma therapy has also been proven effective in regenerating tissue and in promoting easy and short time for the healing process. Thus, platelet-rich plasma therapy turned to become the most effective method of promoting hair growth in areas of the scalp where hair is particularly thinning as it strengthens hair follicles. Of course, completely bald patients will no longer benefit from platelet-rich plasma treatment because it cannot help grow hair on an existing bald patch.

One of the most trusted clinics providing this procedure is Stem Cell Hair Clinic. Dr. Steve Latham specializes in stem cell therapy and other proven medical therapies for hair loss like minoxidil and dehydro-testesterone blockers. Because not all patients have identical hair-loss problem, it is advisable to have consultation first if you intend to begin the ideal treatment program for hair regrowth that fits you.

The problem of hair loss affects both men and women even at a young age. Its effects can ruin your day as you lose your self-confidence upon looking at the mirror that you older image with a thinning hair does not fit your age. So you need not wait until such time that your hair-loss problem gets into serious otherwise reversing the trend may somewhat be difficult to achieve.