Platelet Rich Plasma in Maryland

Do you want to have fuller, thicker and nicer looking hair? With so many contributing factors that can negatively affect the quality of your hair which can lead to hair loss, it is important to go beyond just taking care of your hair and scalp. Thanks to recent technological innovations, you now get to have a new option.

One of the most widely preferred procedures is the use of PRP or also known as the platelet rich plasma. This procedure is done by restoring your hair by targeting the very root cause of hair loss. Platelets are used which can be found in the body cells as they are known to have amazing healing properties for the body. They are responsible for the healing of injuries. Platelets contain growth factors that can be extracted using a particular procedure. After isolating these platelets, they are then injected into the scalp. What it does once it is injected is that it stimulates the hair follicles which are responsible for hair growth.

Many of our clients who have already tried this procedure are very satisfied and happy with the results. After the treatment, you can surely see the difference. With the procedure conducted by Dr. Steve Latham, a certified doctor specializing in these kinds of treatments, you are guaranteed of knky the best results.


How Does it Work?

Once your scalp is numb, PRP re injected into your scalp using a needle.

Does it Hurt?

Contrary to what some clients think, it is not a painful procedure since the injections are done after numbing the scalp. You will feel slight discomfort but there is no pain at all.

How Long Does the Procedure Last?

The results may vary from one to another. But what is nice with PRP treatment is that it can definitely last more than a year. Plus, you can also repeat the process.

Is it Expensive?

In availing the treatment, you do not have to worry much about the cost since it is reasonable priced and not too expensive

Does it Have Side Effects?

There are no long term side effects in undergoing this procedure.

Is It Safe?

The Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is definitely a safe procedure considering that it is a process that makes use of your own body's platelets.

Does it Really Work?

After the procedure, you can see the major difference as it can effectively increase hair growth and reduce hair loss.