Platelet-Rich Plasma For Hair Restoration in Massachusetts

Having nice and voluminous hair is one of the most important assets that men and women can have. Those who have thick and shiny hair enjoy the aesthetic admiration of others. A thinning hair can be cause for lack of self-confidence in both men and women as it gives the appearance of a person much older than he or she should be.

There are a lot of hair-restoration practitioners over the years who have offered solutions to the problem of hair loss. Unfortunately, however, they have come up with limited results. But thanks to the advanced knowledge achieved by some hair-regrowth doctors, their discoveries in a new technology, the so-called platelet-rich plasma therapy, brought impressive results of hair regrowth to men and women.

This existing non-surgical therapeutic option is now being done by Dr. Steve Latham to a quite considerable number of hair loss patients. This platelet-rich plasma therapy is administered to patients coming to his clinic for hair loss treatment by drawing blood from the patient himself by centrifuging it and extracting the platelet-rich plasma from the blood. The extracted platelets are then injected by using a thing needle into the affected areas of the scalp.

The recommended treatment plan for hair loss patient by the platelet-rich plasma method could take about eight treatments and done two weeks apart to speed up the regenerative process. For you not to be concerned of some minor pains and discomfort, Dr. Steve Latham has assured all his patients with a personalized touch of service by applying an anesthesia block to deaden any pain.

He may also prescribe minoxidil and propecia treatments, both of which are also proven effective in promoting hair growth. Sometimes a platelet-rich plasma therapy is combined with proven additional hair growth treatment.

When you have already noticed that your hair is steadily thinning, you may call Dr. Steve Latham at Stem Cell Hair Clinic to find out if platelet-rich plasma therapy can remedy or stop your hair loss problem as well as regrow hair that is now on the way of getting bald. Do not wait for that severe signs of hair loss because for sure it is heading towards a devastating experience of how it is to be bald.

Just allow Dr. Steve Latham to help solve your problem because for sure he can do a good deal of a job of hair restoration for you to look better, feel better and have that self-confidence restore altogether.