Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment To Regrow Hair in Michigan

Much can only be said on Dr. Steve Latham’s success in the treatment of platelet-rich plasma as an aid to reverse hair loss. Much can also be said about the incredible results that platelet-rich plasma therapy yielded when a numerable number of thinning hair patients have been rescued from inevitable baldness.

But many would ask what really platelet-rich plasma therapy is. Platelet-rich plasma is a concentrated blood plasma after the white and red corpuscles have been removed which contains five to ten times the number of platelets found in normal circulating blood. Containing white and red blood cells and has cells known as platelets, which play a significant role in a person's body. These platelets are also the reason why a human body has a self-healing ability at the location of the wound. They also contain growth factors that enhance the regeneration of the cells and help in blood-clotting important for the body to heal wounds.

Then, another question that would be asked is how platelet-rich plasma administered. This therapy is done through injection into the scalp of the hair-loss affected areas. The platelet-rich plasma method begins with the gathering of fifty-four milliliters of the patients' blood taken from their arms. The blood is combined with six milliliter of anti-coagulant citrate dextrose solution and then placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from other components the blood has. Then the scalp is treated with betadine solution to lessen the infection-causing bacteria. Approximately eleven milliliters of concentrated platelets stay after the blood is centrifuged. These concentrated platelets are injected four millimeters into the scalp with the use of a one cc syringe with a twenty-seven gage needle. Roughly four months after the procedure positive results of hair regrowth will be seen on the affected hair-loss area.

Still another question would be asked if what does platelet-rich plasma do? The increase platelet count in a wounded area hastens the healing capacity in that area. It also accelerates the growth of hair and result in the thickening and creating density. When hair follicles and roots are healthy then the growth of hair are healthy, too. This is because hair follicles rely on the nutrients received from the supply of blood. Hence, when platelets are introduce to the blood by means of platelet-rich plasma therapy and, in turn, help to increase the ability of the scalp to produce healthier follicles. As hair follicles thicken thereby resulting in hair density, thinning of the hair is reversed. This procedure can be done in a short time of about an hour or an hour and a half. The frequency of the platelet-rich plasma therapy depends on the degree of the hair loss of the patient.

A platelet-rich plasma therapy is not unaffordable as others would think. Once you inquire from Dr. Steve Latham's clinic via its website on the internet, you will find out that the price is negotiable and affordable. So, if you are troubled with a hair-loss problem, it’s now time for you to act fast rather let the problem grow worse till there can no longer be a remedy for a bald head.