PROPLASMA: Your Hope for Hair Loss in Mississippi

Do you know that men in their early 20’s or 30’s can start losing their hair? This condition is known as androgenetic alopecia that is a male pattern of hair loss. Symptoms are thinning of the hair around the crown area and evident signs of receding hair line. The cause is attributed to hormones or genetics. If left untreated, hair follicles will be damaged beyond recovery.

Types of hair loss

Corresponding type of hair loss in women is evident at the center of the scalp as it moves gradually outward. Another type of short term hair loss condition is known as telogen effluvium that is characterized by hair clumps falling out but it is only temporary most of the time.

Popular counteractions towards hair loss are shampoos for hair recovery, topical treatment as minoxidil (Rogaine), and oral pills (finasteride) that control the hormonal response for the male and spironolactone for women.

Cause of alopecia areata can be traced to some types of auto-immune conditions where patient loses hair in patches. Treatments involved using topical steroids, light therapy, immunomodulators and others.


After years of research, it is finally discovered that platelet-rich plasma is a potential therapy for all kinds of conditions from chronic pain to aging skin. Plasma is that portion of the blood consisting mainly of water. This is drawn from the patient’s body followed by the removal of red blood cells through centrifugation.

ProPlasma is an amazing method treating varied causes of hair loss without the use of topical therapies or oral medication. Recent studies proved that using activated PRP can stimulate growth of baldness in both male or female as well as alopecia areata.


PRP is injected into the area of hair loss through small needles. PRP is rich with growth factors and signaling proteins or cytokines that awakens and stimulates hair follicles to grow and enhances the cycling process of existing hairs. The result is rapid hair growth that slows down existing hair loss. In about 6 weeks after the first injection, positive result is evident but full blown effects follow after 3-6 months. Repeated treatment results in full hair growth.

The procedure works on scalp areas where the hair follicles are still present; but in areas of long-standing baldness where the follicular opening is absent, there will be no change. It follows that ideal candidates for ProPlasma are individuals with types of hair loss as alopecia areata, telogen effluvium and early pattern hair loss.

If you experience issues about hair loss or hair thinning, learn more about ProPlasma hair restoration treatment for it is your hope to naturally regrow hair.