Hair Restoration Solutions: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Stem Cell Therapy in Missouri

Hair thinning or baldness is often experienced when ageing. In fact, a high percentage of male population experience hair loss by the age of 50, while there are some who experience it as early as late 20’s. The condition is called androgenic alopecia, where men experience pattern baldness but there are also cases that it happens in women.

One of the most promising treatments for hair loss is the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Stem Cell Therapy. This therapy is becoming known in the hair loss solution industry because its procedure and results are loved by those who experienced it.

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP Therapy is a non-invasive solution for hair loss, which mainly targets the non-productive hair follicles in the scalp and restores its normal function. Platelets are seen to be the most important component of this therapy. Normally, platelets are responsible in assisting the restorative and healing process of the body when it has injuries. In PRP Therapy, the patient’s plasma is modified with a high concentration of platelets. This modified plasma will be injected on the scalp of the patient to activate non-productive hair follicles.

What Makes the PRP Therapy Effective?

The platelet-rich plasma activates various growth factors. These growth factors are responsible for the formation of collagen, blood vessels, and skin cells, which are important in cell growth and regeneration. When cells regenerate, it will help in activating the hair follicles to make it function normally again.

Even before the launching of PRP Therapy, there were already studies proving that the stimulation of the growth factors can really help in hair restoration. It is applicable for cases where the hair follicles are not completely dead. For those who are completely bald, the PRP Therapy can be taken as a supplementary procedure for hair restoration surgeries.

Where to Go to Have the PRP Therapy?

Since the PRP Therapy is increasing in demand because of its promising results and good feedbacks, many patients want to have this therapy. At Stem Cell Hair Clinic, Dr. Steve Latham offers the PRP Therapy and this procedure will be based on everything you need. You can simply go to the clinic and make an appointment with Dr. Latham so that you can both talk about the treatment plan suitable for your condition.

You will surely love the service of the Stem Cell Hair Clinic because apart from our easy communication, our customer satisfaction rate is high, making our clinic in demand to hair loss patients. Call us now and say goodbye to hair loss!