Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy: A Promising Solution for Hair Loss in Montana

If you are having a problem on hair loss, you are probably one of the 70% of the population who experience androgenic alopecia. Hair thinning, as we know it, is often caused of heredity and can be observed on aging people. Commonly seen in old men, there are also cases that it happens on people in their 20’s and in women.

The treatment called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy hits the news and market because of its potentials in treating hair loss. Many who have tried the PRP Therapy gave positive feedbacks and desired results are seen for those who completed their treatment plan.

Why Platelet Rich Plasma?

The idea behind the PRP Therapy is the use of platelets in activating non-productive hair follicles. Platelets are found to be responsible in fixing damaged parts of the body, that’s why it is used on inactive hair follicles.

When the plasma concentrated with platelets is injected on the scalp of the patient, it will go straight to the hair follicles that produce thin and short hairs. It will fix the abnormal hair follicles, stimulate growth factors, and generate cell growth.

Candidates for the PRP Therapy

When the hair starts to become thin and weak, hair follicles that produce these hairs become inactive or not functioning well. Thus, the PRP Therapy is best for patients with mild hair loss or earlier stage of hair thinning.

There is an exemption in using PRP Therapy exclusively. For people with complete baldness and whose hair follicles are completely dead, PRP Therapy is not advisable. On the other hand, if you have undergone a transplant or surgery for hair loss, this treatment is an excellent supplement.

Concentrated levels of platelets and growth hormones are beneficial for patients who went through a hair restoration surgery. Cell growth and regeneration resulted from PRP Therapy will help the transplanted area to lessen bleeding and to speed up the healing process. It will also help the transplanted hair follicles to immediately function like normal, healthy hair follicles.

This promising treatment is excellently done by Dr. Steve Latham at the Stem Cell Hair Clinic. For patients who are interested to undergo PRP Therapy, you can simply make an appointment with Dr. Latham and your treatment will be planned immediately, which will be customized depending on your specific needs. The Stem Cell Hair Clinic has been performing the PRP Therapy for quite a long time and it always receives positive feedbacks from its patients. Call now and be one of these satisfied patients!