End Hair Loss with This Effective Non-Surgical Treatmen in Nebraska

Too many treatments available but your hair loss is still not treated? Perhaps topical treatments and surgical procedures are too painful for you and your pocket or not convincing enough for you to try. If this is the case, then it is best that you try the innovative, non-surgical technique that will bring back your thick, healthy hair.

A promising hair loss treatment today that harvests positive feedbacks is the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Technique. At the Stem Cell Hair Clinic, this is the most in demand hair restoration technique as patients of Dr. Steve Latham loved its results.

Platelets Are Good For Your Damaged Hair Follicles!

Hair follicles that function poorly are the main source of thin hairs. Dr. Latham’s main principle in doing the PRP Therapy is fixing these non-prolific hair follicles to lessen or stop hair loss.

Platelets are components of the blood that help in the healing process of wounds and damaged parts of the body. It also stimulates growth factors that help wounds to heal faster. If a relatively high concentration of platelets is introduced to the affected area, growth factors will take place and activate the damaged hair follicles.

The PRP Therapy Procedure

Before performing the PRP Therapy, Dr. Latham always makes a customized treatment plan depending on the condition of the patient. The treatment plan includes the number of sessions needed and how often it will be done. It also determines if the PRP Therapy will be combined with other hair loss treatment or medications. For patients whose hair follicles are only functioning abnormally, PRP Therapy can be done alone. But for patients whose hair follicles are completely dead, PRP Therapy can be used as an enhancement after a hair restoration surgery.

During the PRP Therapy, Dr. Latham collects blood from the patient using the same technique doctors do for blood tests. The collected blood will be centrifuged to isolate the platelets, which will be injected to the affected scalp. Dr. Latham applies anesthesia before he micro needles the PRP into the dermis of the affected scalp. This process stimulates cells to initiate healing on the micro needled area while the PRP introduced to it releases the growth factors needed for normalizing weak hair follicles.

Start the Treatment Plan!

Be one of the satisfied patients of Dr. Steve Latham! To start your PRP Therapy, call us here at Stem Cell Hair Clinic and schedule an appointment with him. You can also visit our website to get the latest updates about hair loss solutions.