Hair Restoration Using PRP Therapy in New Hampshire

Whether you become bald because of genetics or aging, hair restoration should not be difficult to achieve especially that this condition affects a large portion of the population. Yes! Many are experiencing hair thinning or baldness and this even happens to women and young people.

The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is one of the promising treatments for hair thinning or baldness. Although the method was already used for other kinds of surgeries, it is also seen as an effective, non-surgical treatment option for hair restoration. At Stem Cell Hair Clinic, Dr. Steve Latham is the one who performs the PRP Therapy. He designs the treatment plan of the PRP Therapy depending on the condition of the patient.

What Happens When the PRP Therapy Is Used For Hair Restoration?

PRP Therapy is a hair restoration technique wherein platelets are collected from the blood of the patient through centrifuge. The collected PRP is inserted into the scalp of the patient to encourage cell and tissue regeneration. This is done on a regular basis, depending on the case of the patient.

What Benefits Can the PRP Therapy Give?

Since there are many treatments for hair loss available in the market, patients are often resorting to those where they can benefit more. These treatments have different techniques so patients can choose which are applicable to their condition. Here are the benefits you can get from PRP Therapy:

  1. It is painless. Although this technique includes micro-needling, Dr. Latham applies anesthesia on the affected area of the patient’s scalp.

  2. No one will notice. Unlike other treatments, there are no dressings after the procedure so rest assured that you will not be embarrassed and you will stay presentable to other people.

  3. Non-surgical. The PRP Therapy doesn’t cause trauma to the patient and to the treated area. This is a good choice for those who are afraid or do not want any surgery.

  4. Shorter healing time. This technique is mainly driven by the principle of fast healing process that’s why it uses platelets and growth factors. Healing from micro-needling is fast because the wounds it creates are quickly fixed as well by the injected PRP.

This therapy will surely improve your scalp and will give you the best results for hair restoration. At Stem Cell Hair Clinic, Dr. Latham’s staff will be glad to welcome you and discuss to you more about PRP Therapy. Contact us now or visit and browse our website!