PRP Scalp Therapy for Men and Women in New Jersey

New medical fields in anti-aging and regenerations have expanded where new technologies are using platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy. For decades, PRP has been used extensively in the areas of orthopedics and athletes injuries. It is the secret of star athlete, Peyton Manning’s treatment that healed his neck injury in his record-breaking feat as quarter back of NLF. Dramatic increases in the use of PRP are evident during the past years.

Hair Restoration industry has finally discovered the positive benefits of using platelets as regenerative medicine. Platelets are small disk shaped cells found in your blood that are teeming with rich concentrations of several growth factors. The platelets-rich-plasma therapy plays a vital role in healing as it releases multiple growth factors. Dr. Steve Latham is using PRP Therapy for hair loss for it is promoting the production of beautiful and thicker hair growth.


NeoGraft Hair Restoration procedure uses PRP as it is exceptionally good at helping the new grafts to heal in their new location. With PRP, transplanted hair increased growth and density of the transplanted hair. It is somewhat like using fertilizer to grow the grass in your lawn. In the NeoGraft hair restoration procedure, PRP is injected under the skin where the new hair grafts are going to be placed. This is done several weeks prior to the scheduled Hair Transplant. When grafts are transplanted, there will be higher level of growth.

Benefits of PRP

PRP Therapy can stand-alone as hair restoration procedure as it slows down the progress of balding and hair loss. Only a tiny needle is used that leaves no mark or any kind of scarring. Compared with other non-surgical treatment, this type is especially more beneficial. It is very effective treatment for young men and women during the early stages of hair loss. They should seek remedy for hair loss as soon as it happens.

PRP scalp therapy

The treatment can be performed in the doctor’s office for it requires a small amount of the patient’s own blood. It is placed into a centrifuge and spun down into a powerful serum that separates white from red blood cells. This initiates cellular regeneration within your scalp. Prior to the PRP procedure, a local anesthetic is applied to completely numb the scalp treatment area. Another option is to simply micro needled the scalp with PRP that requires no sedation. After about 2 to 3 months, those receiving PRP therapy exhibit improvement while the procedure is repeated every 8 to 12 months depending on the level of response.