Stem Cell and Platelet-Rich Plasma For Hair Regrowth in North Dakota

Are you looking for the most effective cure that will help you solve the thinning and loss of hair? Currently, you have a lot of options to choose from for this kind of problem. You can find only a treatment that deals hair loss by the stem cell method or a combination of stem cell and platelet-rich plasma therapy for effective results.

The health and condition of cells on the scalp has a lot to do with hair growth and regeneration. When a person has poor scalp as some cells fail to function to promote hair growth then chances are he or she is heading towards baldness. But problems of the scalp and cells can now be treated by enlisting the natural healing ability of the body that is cost effective and can deliver amazing results.

In this regard, you can call Dr. Steve Latham of Stem Cell Hair Clinic who takes with pride in the introduction of hair loss therapies that includes the combination of stem cell and platelet-rich plasma treatment. If you need to learn more what stem cell and platelet-rich plasma therapy can work for your hair loss problem, you can schedule an appointment  with Dr. Latham. Discover the wonders of a combined treatment of stem cell and platelet-rich plasma method for hair regrowth and regeneration.

His facility is undoubtedly dedicated not only for hair restoration but also specializes in anti-aging and aesthetic rejuvenation through the use of stem cell therapy from cell drawn from the fat cells of his adult patients. The cells derived through the isolation process are stem cells and growth factors that are the key to hair growth.

Dr. Steve Letham proffers to his hair loss patients the most advanced FDA approved process of getting and administering adult stem cells from the fat cells of the patient. When fat cells are injected to the affected areas of the scalp in hair loss patients it gives a new and fresh regenarative life to those dead cells that do not promote hair growth. When the treatment is done through a combination with platelet-rich plasma drawn from the patient itself, there is no doubt the outcome would be a success having been experienced by his countless patients who have had undergone the treatment. These treatments which cater to both men and women who have a hair-loss problem are non-surgical. Without having to undergo surgery and coupled with his personalized service, there is such high percentage of being painless.