Top Stem Cell Doctors Offered PRP Therapy for Effective Hair Restoration in Ohio

Hair loss is devastating for everyone as it affects self-image and emotional well-being. For years, this condition has been the core of many researches. But in a 2014 study, light was seen at the end of tunnel by using human hair-follicle-generating stem cells.

With this advanced hair technology, hair loss will no longer be a problem. According to top stem cell doctors, PRP therapy is effective for hair restoration. Studies showed that treatment works very well and some doctors are offering free service for PRP. Dr. Steve Latham of the Stem Cell Hair Clinic advised those suffering from hair loss to take advantage of this most cost effective hair restoration.

Physicians for the past years have relied on utilizing biological treatment for hair loss. The new development discovers that platelet rich plasma therapy brings hair restoration to a higher level. Plugs and hair transplants might soon be considered as passé remedies.

What is behind the efficacy of the PRP therapy? The procedure is simple that it is done outright in the therapist’s office. Blood is drawn from the subject and then spun in a centrifuge for fifteen minutes. The purpose is to concentrate the growth factors and platelets since they are important players in facilitating new hair growth. Stem Cell Hair Clinic has assisted lots of hair losers who were able to restore their self-esteem after growing a new crop of hair.

Hair re-growth is possible using Stem Cell therapy for this non-surgical remedy inspires and stimulates hair follicles to re-grow resulting in a healthy crop of hair. Stem cells invigorate cells to divide even after long periods of inactivity, especially long dead hair follicles in areas of baldness.

With the advent of the stem cell and PRP therapy, many patients have been spared the need of risky and expensive surgery. Treatments are done right in the therapist’s office or clinic. After the treatment, the patient can go home so the procedure is low risk and less time consuming. The good news is that this type of treatment is partially covered by insurance.

Aside from Stem Cell therapy, Dr. Steve Latham of the Stem Cell Hair Clinic advised that there are many ways to speed up the hair growth; among these are eating healthy food and nourishing your hair with special oils so they shine. But the best option is the use of stem cells through PRP therapy.

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