Goodbye to Male and Female Baldness with PRP Therapy in Arkansas

Men and women suffering from alopecia areata who are not yet completely bald are ideal patients in using the PRP Therapy. For those who want to restore hair loss thru PRP, they can visit the Stem Hair Cell Clinic. In a matter of time, you can bid goodbye to baldness. Dr. Steve Latham and his staff can offer you several options that are both effective and easy in your pocket.

Technology has offered several surgical and non-surgical remedies for men and women experiencing varying degrees of hair loss. Those who have not yet completely lost their hair but are victims of androgenic alopecia can treat the condition without surgery. They can opt for the Neograft hair transplant or treatment with platelet-rich-plasma.

PRP procedure

Blood serum is comprised of plasma enriched with platelets possessing high concentration of healing and growth factors that stimulate tissue repair and regeneration. Originating as sports medicine to facilitate the healing of athlete’s injured tissues; PRP is used in medical surgery fields of cosmetics, neurosurgery and orthopedics. Studies conducted showed that PRP is an effective stimulant for hair growth among patients with thinning hair.

During PRP treatment at the Stem Cell Hair Clinic, the patient's own blood is drawn and using the AutoloGel system as centrifuge, the plasma is separated from the red cells. Then, the scalp is numbed topically to eliminate pain. Dr. Latham makes small incisions in the scalp using a microneedling device. He then sprays PRP over the scalp to stimulate hair growth. For more effective results, PRP treatment must be repeated every three to four months.

As a safe non-surgical procedure, PRP needs no extensive downtime nor does it leave stitches or scarring. Since the patient’s own plasma is used, there is no fear of rejection. Dr. Latham always gives his patient the personal touch by looking after their comfort personally. He spends time with them during consultation explaining the procedure and answering all their inquiries. You can easily set up an appointment by calling Stem Cell Hair Clinic or proceed to website.

Through hair transplantation and other cosmetic procedures, your hair will be restored. Thanks to consistent care and professionalism from doctors and dermatologists like Dr. Steve Latham. A Board certified surgeon, Dr. Latham specializes in hair restoration and dermatology. He uses innovative procedures that have proven its merits for patients of hair loss. The success of new techniques will go a long way in restoring patient’s confidence, as new hair growth exudes youthfulness and vitality. Your natural and beautiful hair will soon be restored. You are welcome to Stem Cell Hair Clinic.