Hair Loss Surgeon That Can Help You Restore Lost Hair in California

You can just imagine how devastating it is to self-confidence when you are expiring hair loss. Hair loss is usually an occurrence in men and women especially when they come of age. It may likewise affect younger persons especially when he or she has hereditary problem of baldness or under severe stress or other hair loss-causing medical issues. When hair loss affects someone it gives the appearance of a person way more than his real age.

But unlike before when the said solutions had achieved limited success, now thinning of the hair can still be made to bounce back with luster because of the help of a new method in hair restoration procedures called platelet-rich plasma therapy. This method has drawn much attention after medical practitioners administered this treatment with remarkable success to a number of hair loss patients.

This current non-surgical therapeutic option starts with the drawing of blood from the hair-loss patient arm and goes through a process of separation where the platelet concentration or the ones containing the growth factors are taken and injected into the affected scalp. The injected platelet concentration increases the platelet count where hair follicles roots can feed on new and healthier nutrients. Hair follicles are made stronger and turned thicker in diameter thus creating density.

Aside from promoting hair growth, alleviating scarring and speeding up restoration, this method is safe and is not painful. When administered with the combination of pharmaceuticals like minoxidil and dihydro-testosteron blockers, the procedure gives more favorable effects.             

 Hence, persons with hair loss should not just have a-wait-and-see attitude and remain until such time that their problem turns extremely difficult to reverse. Remember that hair loss sometimes is not irreplaceable especially when nutrients in the follicles are wanting, thus; regrowth in that portion becomes nil.

Since this method does not involve follicle-by-follicle transplantation, men and women having this treatment can still go on with their regular activity being and outpatient procedure. What is more, its encouraging success can be seen in just a short span of time.

To those who are burdened with their hair-loss problem, you need to call on Dr. Steve Latham and from him learn more about he would transform you to look better using the new and advanced technique of hair restoration and aesthetic rejuvenation.