Hair Loss Treatment at Stem Cell Hair Clinic in Colorado

Restore your natural and youthful glow. At Stem Cell Hair Clinic, you are only guaranteed of the best services that will yield amazing results.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is starting to become widely popular as many individuals who are experiencing hair loss would turn to this procedure. But just before you finally decide to try this procedure, it helps that you are familiar as to how it is conducted. So, what makes PRP a widely popular choice? How does it differ from other treatments that are readily available in the market? Is it expensive? These are just some of the questions you need to ask before you decide to try this treatment. At Stem Cell Hair Clinic, we can provide you with effective and reliable hair restoration procedure offered at competitive rates.

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma contains concentrated plasma that has more platelets compare to the ones usually found in circulating blood. In addition, it also has PDGF or platelet derived growth factor and other growth factors that are known and proven to be effective in healing the wound and growing the hair. PRP was initially used to heal wounds. But in recent studies, they found out that PRP can also be used to stimulate hair follicles which can in turn induce hair growth. With the success of the said procedure, many would attest for its effectives and other clients are also interested in getting to know what this treatment has to offer.

PRP Treatments at Stem Cell Hair Clinic
At Stem Cell Hair Clinic, we only assure you of excellent services and guaranteed results. For our Platelet Rich Plasma procedure, we use double centrifuge for a more effective method. We can get the concentration we need that will then be injected into the scalp.

Prior to the procedure, the doctor will examine the patient to see if the therapy is appropriate. Headed by Dr. Steve Latham, a board certified doctor, you will then undergo treatment 6 weeks after the initial treatment. The succeeding treatments are given at 3 months intervals. You also have the option to redo the whole procedure. Unlike other hair restoration procedures that may take long hours. Platelet Rich Plasma procedure will only last about half an hour to 45 minutes.

With all the benefits that PRP can give, no wonder this is a highly recommended treatment for patients who really want to have a more effective hair loss solution. It is non-surgical and it is not that expensive compare to other procedures.