Hair Restoration Surgeon, Steve Letham, Rejuvenates Hair Through Platelet-Rich Therapy in Delaware

Perhaps many people may have not known or even heard of Dr. Steve Latham. To those who are not familiar yet of him, he is a surgeon in his real way that have successfully regrown hair to many patients who have come to ask him for help. Working at Stem Cell Hair Clinic he has treated countless hair-loss patients via the platelet-rich plasma therapy for their hair-loss deficiencies. He is presently conducting a research on stem cell and integrating this to platelet-rich plasma therapy to add more expertise to what he had already acquired in entire his profession.

This integration provides patients with the most advanced technique in hair  restoration. He has done the combination of the two treatments in such an innovative way that hair growth can be achieved successfully without pain through a minimally invasive procedure on the scalp to help men and women have healthier and thicker hair.

The blood of the hair-patient itself which contains the platelet-rich plasma has powerful growth factors that can enhance hair growth. How does this kind of a procedure done on patients. It begins with blood extraction from the patient's arm and is being spun in a centrifuge to separate its elements from those that cannot induce hair growth and the remaining platelet concentration is injected through the scalp of the hair-loss affected areas. Once the platelet is injected into the patient scalp, the result can be visible in four to six months. After the platelet-rich plasma therapy had been done, the patient can immediately start their day regularly. The increased platelet concentration can cause the tiny hair follicles to grow stronger and thicker in diameter that such density is created. This has been proven effective in promoting hair growth, mitigate scarring and speed up the healing process when it is used with other hair reconstruction surgery.

The platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair-loss patients is a safe and effective way of stimulating hair growth. This technique has no recorded complaint whatsoever even as it fights hair loss as well as it makes better hair restoration transplant surgery result.
With the success of the procedure, former clients also have the best comments and good feedbacks for Dr. Latham. One thing which can be concluded is that the PRP therapy procedure is a  great and effective treatment and a lot of patients benefitted from it. This is practically because his Stem Cell Hair Clinic is a world-class center for hair loss treatment where Dr. Latham and his associates are focused and dedicated solely to the practice of hair transplant surgery and the prevention of hair loss. It is committed to achieve natural results so that patients will look better and contented the treatment had been made.